911, Mumbai Attacks, bombings!

Having watched what has been happening in this deteriorating situation, many approaches seemed to have been taken and many different ways and means seemed to have been used in trying to bring the warring parties and dissatisfied segments into a peaceful solution. But nothing seems to have work.

Appeals have been made but to no avail. Persuasion has failed to convince. Pleads has not shifted the their stance.

Words, both harsh and soft, had been spoken but they had fallen on deaf ears. Arguments applied had also failed to convince them. Counter actions had been taken but they only harden their stance and solidify their resolute.

It looks like there is only one course of action opened to us all. That is to try the non-intrusive, non-provocative, non-aggravating, non-temper heightening course of action.

This course of action leaves out the warring sections but it allows everyone else who desires peace, who do not want any more violence, deaths and the subsequent hatred to participate.

Prayers seem the only hope and the only  avenue opened to us.

Everyone can do his part here. But together we are all praying for one thing – we pray for wisdom.

We pray for wisdom for all parties – wisdom to know right from wrong, wisdom to choose right over wrong, wisdom to see the others’ point of view and be tolerant, and wisdom to want to treat others with love.

The power of each separate individual’s prayer comes together and forms a mighty spiritual force which can transform everything. Its application is  non-intrusive but its effect will be keenly felt and it will be clearly noticeable in the end.

Let none of us belittle this unseen spiritual force, let us diligently say a prayer a day and let us stand back and let it works its magic!

Come visit again, thank you for reading this.

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