Have we lost them?

What do you make of the two stories below. Both incidences occurred in the United States but they could had happened anywhere in the world.

This first story involved people searching for bargained items in the annual Black Friday (the start of the Christmas shopping season) in the United States and an unfortunate part-time employee of Wal-Marts.

A 34-year old employee of Wal-Marts was knocked down by the eager on-rushing shopping crowd and trampled to death. This happened when he was opening the doors to start business. Thousands of early morning shoppers rushed on in as the doors were being unlocked. An eye-witness said the employee was “stepped on by hundreds of people” before a space could be cleared to provide him with aid. By the time he was taken to the hospital it was too late to save him.

This anxious shopper-crowd afraid of losing out on bargained items had begun forming outside the store as early as 9p.m. the previous evening.

The second story is about a 84-year-old mother and her her ‘blanket of cats.’

The old lady told the police that she had kept herself warm by covering herself with animals.  The house she was staying was in a deplorable conditions and it did not have a working heater. The aged mother claimed she was placed in the home against her will by her own daughter who only came to visit occasionally. The poor old lady is also suffering from congestive heart failure..

In one bedroom, a turkey was found wandering freely around. In the second room, ducks were found and in a third room, there was a dog. There were also ducks, chicken and geese in the backyard. The whole place was filthy with feces piled up high everywhere.

The old mother had to pile the cats on top of each other to keep herself warm when the cold got unbearable.

To me, both are sad stories. They tell of human greed, inconsideration, the herd instinct, irresponsibility and covetousness. The two incidences reveal cruelty, selfishness, insensitivity and thoughtlessness. It is a sad state of affairs. The pains and sorrows felt by the family of the employee on his death and the suffering the poor old mother had undergone in the hands of her unfilial daughter do not speak well of our values and attitudes.

Have we lost the art of dignified living? Have we lost our sense of respect for others? Have we lost them all? Hope we seek more wisdom for ourselves instead of more material things that tend to clutter our lives and make us lose the finer human qualities. May we be so guided.

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4 thoughts on “Have we lost them?

  1. sweetiegirlz says:

    Two terrible stories indeed. The senses are absolutely reamed by the implications of our own humanity spiraling downward, when one reads stories like these. Fortunately, there is good to outweigh this, good that doesn’t get space in the newspapers, but is never the less, working and still alive in people.

  2. These are both horribly sad stories but hope is not lost because there are still people who care more about others than a bargain or their own selfish pride. I wish the daughter from the 2nd story had been the Wal-Mart employee in the 1st story. Karma is a bitch.

  3. northpointcc says:

    There is no question that both are horrible stories. They provide a glimpse of the ugliness of greed and self-centeredness. While they are horrible, I wonder if the greed expressed in these two incidents is any greater than the greed that has created the economic “crisis” we seem to be experiencing. It is greed that has caused so much debt at every level. Sometimes it takes a crisis – death at a Wal-mart – stock market decline to awaken us to the fact that there is a higher standard to which all of us are called.

  4. alexandsam says:

    The second story happened right here, in the county where I live in Florida. Unfortunately this is all too common here. Neglect of the elderly goes almost unnoticed in a state with so many elderly. Cases that are not so flagrant as this one are never mentioned in the news.

    Serendipity Hopeful is a wonderful name for a blog! Thank you for visiting mine and leaving your comments. One of the best things about blogging is being able to interact with someone halfway around the world. 🙂

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