The Day of the 2’Ts’ – Thanksgiving vs Terrorism!

It is not ironic that in one part of the world a country  (the United States) is celebrating Thanksgiving Day and in another part of the same world another country  (India) is torn by a Terrorist Attack!

How more contrasting can things get? We have a group of people giving thanks for the things and for the people they appreciate and treasure and we have another group tearing apart the things and people they hate and wish to destroy. The finest and the worst of human nature are played out today in these two places.

What has gone wrong? Where has it gone wrong?  Is the hatred so intense, is the  the enemity  so great?  Is the causes so hopeless? Is the cause they espoused so pessimistic that they have to resort to such tactic?  Has the line of communication totally broken down that there is no hope for a amicable solution?  Are their life experiences so harsh that they have lost all respect for the sanctity of human lives.?  No matter how righteous their motives may be, they should not inflict such sufferings on innocent people. The causes, circumstances, experiences, motivations and motives are many and varied for each group to come to its own course of action.  But ultimately, is not each individual responsible for his own actions?

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5 thoughts on “The Day of the 2’Ts’ – Thanksgiving vs Terrorism!

  1. midnightgardener says:

    I was so sorry to hear of yesterday’s horrors in Mumbai. The world is all too often a very duplicitous and fractious place. Wishing you peace in which to give thanks for the blessings your life brings.

    Greg, many thanks for your good wishes. May wisdom guide us all in all our actions.

  2. phyre says:

    Indeed, it’s a very sad day for all of us in Mumbai. The sheer audacity of the act left us speechless. Travelers, hotel residents, the Taj Hotel’s General Manager’s family, brave crime branch officers… the list of innocents dying by the barrel of a mad man’s gun is horrifically increasing!

    It is a very sad day for everyone in the world except for the the perpetrators.

  3. Jim Sullivan says:

    My family and I live in one of the most peaceful places on earth–Columbus, Ohio, in the heartland of the USA. Yet this morning, we are directly connected to the suffering from the latest outrage in Mumbai in that two of our dear friends from Columbus currently call Mumbai home. They have had one of the worst nights of their lives, and are packed and ready to be evacuated at the first safe opportunity. In the midst of the death and destruction, however, they have been overwhelmed by emails from friends far and near, Indians and Americans, praying for their safety and eventual peace. God is working through the human evil to bring us closer together.

    Who can explain the twisted, dark impulses of these people who murder in the name of their god? It must be a similarly dark and twisted god who calls for the destruction of anything, much darker and more twisted to demand murder.

    Yet the God who has revealed His love for every individual will prevail. His truth is too big for all the puny gods who demand destruction. God calls each of us individually. He desires each of us to hear His call to discover and become more fully and truly ourselves as He has created us, and to use our gifts of talent and capability to SERVE others. This is the truth. Therefore FREEDOM reigns, for without it, we can not respond to God individually. Who would submit to anyone else the freedom they need to obey God?

    To hell with all the puny gods. That’s where they come from. That’s where they belong. LOVE is the answer to their darkness and hatred.

  4. Mark Epstein says:

    Any day marked with murder of one’s fellow human beings is a dark day indeed. Yet, as the Jewish and Christian sacred scriptures note, there is nothing new under the sun.

    In a world plagued by hate, arrogance, lust for power, greed, and every form of imaginable sin, this atrocity is, unfortunately, to be expected.

    However, there is a Hope for all of us and today, in America, we set aside a day to thank Him for the blessings He has bestowed upon our country, regardless of whether or not a portion of our country’s population fail to thank Him daily.

    May a true Peace be bestowed on Malaysia.

  5. lattes says:

    I feel sick to my stomache when I think about the whats happening in Mumbai. Some of my closest friends live there, fortunately they are far away from the places where the blasts took place, but they are affected by them.
    Mumbai has had several terrorist attacks in the past few years, but I wonder what it must be like for the Iraqis who are experiencing this on a daily level. What is it like for children who see puddles of blood, black stains on buildings and cars and the smell of burning flesh in the air almost every week?
    What is it like for Sri Lankin children who also see suicide bombings and terrorist attacks?

    Just a few thoughs

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