Engineering your own turn-around

I spent all the thirty-odd years of my working life as an employee in the private sector, this would somewhat qualify me to speak of life  as an employee. One is not always in control of what happens along the journey as an employee, life is not always smooth sailing. There are the ups and the down, periods of elation and there are also periods of frustration and hopelessness. Sometimes one is up in cloud nine and at other times one feels one is in a bottomless pit of miseries.

If one happens to fall into the bottomless pit and there is no one to pull one out or one allows oneself to dwell on one’s miseries, one is likely to become frustrated or even become depressed, causing one to give up on life and to withdraw into oneself.

I once found myself facing a situation where what I did seemed not to satisfy my immediate boss. He was making things very difficult for me – he was literally breathing down my neck days in and days out. Saying I was feeling frustrated was putting it mildly. I was at my wit’s end, I was too shy to seek help and yet saw no way out of the situation myself.

As I dwelt on the problem, I fell into a deeper and deeper sense of hopelessness. The only thing that kept me keeping on were my love for my family. And this was the thing that finally snapped me out of the limbo. I looked inward and came to the realization that I had started with self pity and from there I allowed myself to slide down the bottomless pit. I realized I had to pull myself back, I had to engineer my own turn-around. I made an effort from then on to dwell more on the positive than the negative mentally. The negatives had depressed me so much that they had affected my work to the extent that even I myself realized I had become ineffective and unproductive. This mental switch helped me to make a turn-around, from being an unproductive & ineffective staff to being productive & effective.

The pressure had bothered me so much that it changed me from a happy and contented man to being a unhappy and frustrated being. I used to love my job but the strain caused me to hate it and turned me into a stressed and deeply dissatisfied employee. I was an eager beaver, enthusiastic and was very desirous to contribute. But the continued tension made me sluggish, lethargic, listless and uninterested.

I am most grateful the love for my family induced in me the realization to engineer my own turn-around. I dreaded to think what the consequences would have been had I not the impetus to look within myself for a solution.

I wish you well and hope whatever negative situations you may find yourselves to be in, you make the effort to look within yourselves for solution.  I know they are there for I had experienced it myself.


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2 thoughts on “Engineering your own turn-around

  1. So true, we are the cause of and solution to all of our problems.

    What I have learnt from this is we should not indulge in self-pity, not for too long anyway.
    Appreciate your comments.

  2. Thank you for visiting my site and leaving your nice comment. I enjoyed reading your post.

    As human beings, we each are the authors of our own attitude in any given circumstance. We have no control over what life brings us. Tragedy and misfortune can strike at any moment. But a positive attitude helps us endure.

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