Taking it for granted.

No, I am not talking about taking people for granted which what we usually do. Here I am not even talking about the tangible things that we use day in and day out. What I am referring to now are the intangibles – the bodily movements and the freedom from illnesses and sicknesses.

How many of us are ever mindful of our bodily functions that seem to work effortlessly for us everyday? They have always been at our calls, never ever disobeying us.  We have always be able to carry out simple bodily functions like being able to knee down,  to turn our bodies, to lift up our legs, to carry articles, to  get out of the bed or the chair  or even to move about without any difficulty.  I have taken the workings of all these functions for granted, expecting them to always serve me. I, for one, never thought they would malfunction and desert me one day.

It was not until this week when I find that I could not get out of bed or the chairs without experiencing pain in my back that I realize how much I have neglected to appreciate these simple bodily functions. Some of these malfunctions can be corrected, others may be beyond any medical remedies. They may be the start of the decline of our bodily functions as old age catches up with us. Whatever it may be, this article hopes to stir up the feeling of appreciation in us for our intangible gifts.

These are gifts, make no mistake about it. Be ever mindful of your good fortune if you are at the pink of health. Give thanks daily for having all the bodily functions working normally. And give a thought to those whose movements are restricted because some of their bodily functions are already out of kilter. Be thankful, for these are no small matters. Wait till you experience the inconveniences then you will know they are actually big matters.

Come visit again. Thank you.

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One thought on “Taking it for granted.

  1. Great post. If your health is in jeopardy, nothing else seems to matter. If you and your loved ones are healthy, happy, and the family is intact…that is ALL that really matters. 🙂

    You are absolutely spot-on – health is wealth. There are plenty for us to be mindful of our good fortune.

    Many thanks for your comments.

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