Harmony in the family.

Witnessing  a  family enjoying a close and harmonious relationship is most soothing and calming to the spirit and mind. But such tranquility, peace, serenity and happiness does not happened by itself. This much-envied and much-desired situation is a result of much hard work and tenacious persistence on the part of everyone in the family.

Long before such wonderful scene can flower each member of the family would have put in plenty of thoughts, commitment and hard work. This can come about only when all members in the family practise forgiveness, tolerance, flexibility, provide support to one another  and are considerate to each other. It is the result of a team effort, contributions made by the oldest in the family to the youngest. But the initiator of this effort need not be the father or the oldest in the family, anyone can be the change maker here.

But this tranquility, this peace, this serenity, this harmony is very fragile. All it takes for it to break into pieces or maybe break beyond repair is for one member of the family to lose his mindfulness of what he and the other members of his family have so diligently and tirelessly fostered.

Many things can be unwittingly be introduced into the family atmosphere that can disrupt everything that has been so tediously cultivated. There are many hidden and not-so-obscured disruptive factors that the family members have to be beware of. None can afford to be uncompromising, opinionated, dictatorial, stubborn, nor can one be selfish, calculative, intolerant, scheming or deceitful. One member needs only be addicted to alcohol, drugs or gambling to bring pain and suffering into the equation.  Any of this can cause a wedge in what the family has so painstakingly built. Things need not degenerate to such a dire situation before the effect can be felt. Even a heated verbal exchange is enough to bring disruption to the peace.  It can be so easily destroyed, it is really fragile.

Though there are so many more distractions for the old as well as the young in this modern world of ours,  making the cultivation of such warm situation more difficult, it still should be strongly encouraged. To come together as a family there must be strong affinities amongst the members. Let the coming together be an occasion for happiness and love and not an occasion for petty quarrels and useless conflicts. Let us be mindful as we go about our daily tasks, and let us concentrate on how we can spread happiness in the families.

Come visit again. Thank you.

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One thought on “Harmony in the family.

  1. Very well said and 100% accurate.

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