Mother Earth has done its part…

Malaysia, Mother Earth has done its part! It has been kind, compassionate, caring, It has been looking after you just like a mother would do for her child. It has extended help to you without you having to ask for it since your birth as a nation.

It has been more than generous to you. Look back through the years – first It gave you tin dredged from the deposits deep inside her, after that timber was shipped overseas from the logs you cut from her jungles, then you tapped the rubber from the trees planted on her land, this was followed with you harvesting the fresh fruit bunches from the oil palm trees you had planted in the plantations previously occupied by the rubber trees. In the recent past to the present you extracted crude oil from deep inside her.

All these have brought you riches, abundance and prosperity beyond your expectations. But It is worried for you, It does not know how much longer these fortuitous events will continue to grace you. Nor can It guarantee you that your descendants can continue to enjoy these gifts.

Have you been acting responsibly taking good care of what It has given you? Have you been diligently thinking of how to utilize and preserve what It has been and are still delivering to you? These, It hope,s you are taking them as gifts, which they are, and not mistakenly taking them as your proprietary rights or birth rights.

It hopes you have been acting as guardians of these gifts and that you are not wasting the wealth created by these commodities gifted to you. Are you treasuring and preserving the riches, the prosperity, the abundance, the good life which these gifts have brought you. Hope you are not been extravagant, frivolous or careless with what have been entrusted to you. If you have placed yourself in this category, let you be forewarned – you are doing it at your own peril, for every good thing has to come to an end.

It has done its part, Malaysia, now it is your turn to do yours! If its advice counts for anything, it is … please ‘act with wisdom’.

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One thought on “Mother Earth has done its part…

  1. beauty80 says:

    Hi, beautifully said about Mother Earth.
    Actually, we have no problems –
    we have opportunities for which we should give thanks…
    An error we refuse to correct has many lives.
    It takes courage to face one’s own shortcomings,
    and wisdom to do something about them.
    God Bless You.

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