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Help Give Away US$100,000

Like me you may not have US$100,000 to give away but now you have a chance to help some deserving person to receive this big sum of money. CNN is giving away this sum of money to one of the ten personalities its panelists have picked. All the ten personalities are persons who are selfless and sacrificing individuals who are giving up their time, energy and money to bring help and relief to others who are suffering.

You can read the good deeds they are doing  in : CNN.com/Heroes

All you need to do for one of them to receive  the US$100,000  is to go to CNN.com/Heroes to vote.

The ten personalities chosen for the contest are:

1.   Tad Agoglia – community crusader.

2.   Marie Da Silva – championing children.

3.   Yohannes Gebregeorgis – championing children.

4.   Carolyn LeCroy – championing children.

5.   Anne Mahlum – community crusader.

6.   Liz McCartney – community crusader.

7.   Phymean Noun – championing children.

8.   David Puckett – medical marvel.

9.   Maria Ruiz – championing children.

10.   Viola Vaughn – championing children.

So, how about it?  Spare half an hour of your time to reward someone who has been giving, giving, giving.

Oh yes, nearly forget to mention the closing date which is 20th. November, 2008.

Come visit again. Thank you.

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