I salute you, Americans!

Yes, I am speaking about the Americans, not about America, the people, not the country. As a people you have many commendable qualities which are often obscured by the bad publicity generated by the politicians and the people running the big multi-national corporations. These two groups of your fellow citizens have done your reputation great harm, they owe the rest of you an apology.

Your most admirable qualities are your ability to shed off your prejudices, your ability to self correct. This quality was demonstrated again and again in your country’s history.

Starting with slavery, this was a bad blotch in your history. Your conscience spoke and you abolished it. This was one of your most significant acts. The race issue lingered, you overcame that too. The final, closing chapter is the election of Barrack Obama as your forty-fourth president today.

You held the religious bias against the Catholics, then came John Kennedy, he challenged your conscience and again you followed the dictate of the conscience. A fine effort!

Though you have a short history compared to many other societies in this world, you have set yourself out to be an example for fair play. For centuries these societies have suppressed many of their own kind with force, with cultural and economic shackles. Though they know it is cruel and an injustice they continue to ignore the promptings of their conscience. You have not forgotten your roots. You allow those from different countries and cultures to come into your shores and you allow them to become your fellow citizens. Americans, your sense of fair play is exemplary, in your society the poor, the deprived, the underprivileged, and the shackled have the equal chance to make a total turn-around.

Today, together you have reached the promised land! Hold your heads high, it is a historic day, not only for you but also for all mankind.  It is decency triumphing over cruelty and injustice! It has helped restore the faith of many people around the world, in the goodness of human nature. Please do not lose it through internal squabbling. Treasure it, it is precious!

Come visit again. Thank you.

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6 thoughts on “I salute you, Americans!

  1. neitherhere says:

    We are moving towards a fairer society and Obama’s victory is indeed very important in that process. As I said in my blog, I wish that one day we will not need to mention race when talking about people. In fact, I wish that one day when mentioning politicians we could only refer to their ideologies and nothing else. Also, I don’t understand why you said that I should be prepared to work with Obama. I’m european, I live in the UK but I would be proud to have my country being represented by a democrat, as I’m sure the American people is today.

    I am sorry I mistook you for an American. What you hope for may not be so easy accomplished in other countries as they do not have the self correcting tradition which the American society poesses.

  2. supercynic says:

    Great post. As one of those 60+ million Americans who voted to correct the flawed policies of the past 8 years, thank you. I told my wife that I felt like I had been liberated. The past 8 years have been horrible not only for people like me in America, but for people everywhere. Whether we like it or not, whether we’ve earned it or not, the United States is a global leader in so many areas. What we do matters. I’m hopeful that we’ll emerge from the “Dark Ages” of the past 8 years and become a global partner for promoting freedom, prosperity, and respect for others.

    I congratulate you and your fellow Americans and it is my hope you all will keep on self correct.

  3. Thank you! We are on cloud 9 today and pinching ourselves. I only wish he could be inaugurated tomorrow. Ditto the comment above. It is liberating and reassuring to know that U.S. voters have chosen well.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your encouragement from across the globe!


  4. ginoray says:

    Americans did what many nations continually aspire for, to change the system for a better and fairer society. And we thank them for inspiring the rest of the world.

  5. bleachusd says:

    Thank you!! And thanks for your comment too… I hope that we as a people are ready to shoulder the responsibility. We need to work together and he needs to be the leader that he has presented himself to be.

    I think we’re ready and I’m excited.

  6. astrodel says:

    Thanks for the positive view on even problems– that this is about moving forward, growing as a country.
    Let’s continue being inspired!

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