Precious treasure or scrap metal? I’m talking about your aged parents.

How are you treating your parents now that they have come to be dependent on you and have to come and live with you? Are you treating them as precious jewels or as scrap metal? I can hear you asking if I have lost my marbles – how can they be ‘precious jewels ‘ to you now?  ‘Scrap metal’ is a more apt description you say.

Your wife – she is the pillar of your home now. She is capable, stylish and articulate. She handles all the household matters and she calls the shots in all family affairs now. She is your connection to the outside world and she plays the role of your ambassador to the hilt. She dresses well, handles herself superbly and is your perfect advertisement of how well you are doing. How can you burden her with having to take care of your aged parents, this is unthinkable. She is a modern woman and modern women do not take on such mundane tasks anymore. Such tasks are now only perform by those backward, illiterate and unrefined daughters-in-law.

Your children – they are your pride and joy. You shower them with branded goods and spare no expense and effort to provide them with the best.  You would not want to forget their birthdays least they think you do not love them. You take them for holidays every year and  would prefer you do not have to drag the extra ‘old baggage’ along. Even if you manage to leave them at home they still give you a bad conscience, don’t they? You are modern parents and you prefer your children to be brought up with modern ideas, in the modern ways. You do not want them to be polluted and saddled with ‘out-of-date and antiquated ways and ideas. Who can blame you for wanting your children to be progressive and to possess a worldview of things.

The maids –  they give good value for your money and they have the added advantage of making you appear affluent and doing well. You can order them about, they cater not only to your whims and fancies but also to those of the big boss’ and of the other ‘ highnesses’.

Your pet dog – only sophisticated and the well-to-do keep pedigrees, right? It gets you admiring and envious stares when you parade them around. Rearing pet dog at least give you some status in the company you keep.

The old couple – they do not come anywhere close when comparing them with the wife, children, maids and pet dog. They are nobodies when stacked against the wife. They are ancient in clothing, speech, thinking and preferences, you wish they would already be in bed when friends visit. They are real embarrassment, they have no fashion sense, they dress funny. What is worst, is they have odd habits and sometimes act awkwardly in front of your sophisticated friends and associates. What face-losing moments they must have created for you! The ‘boss’ does not want to be burdened by any ‘old baggage’, so what the boss says go, at least in your household, right?

The parents belong to the past, they are  history, the children are the future. Is it not a wiser and smarter move to take care of the future? The old guys can be neglected as they are dependent on you, the children you cannot neglect them for you are going to depend on them in the future. Must invest time, energy and money for the future. Moreover, the old couple would not dare make a noise if they do not get your attention but the same cannot be said of your ‘precious treasures’ (the prince and the princesses) – you do not wish to rub them the wrong way, do you? Irritating them and causing them to throw tantrums would be an unforgivable sin!

The parents are a drain on your finance whereas the maids are good investment.  The maids clean house, wash cloth and cook your meals and they spare the wife from having to perform such chores. The old couples not only do not help in such chores, instead they take up space in your home which you can use to provide a more comfortable environment for the wife and children.  If not for them  taking up the space, you can also convert it for the installation of state-of-art entertainment equipments for the enjoyment of your friends and family. They are proving to be very unproductive in all ways, they  do not contribute  to the family at all. The maids also serve as guards for your home when you, the ‘boss’ go on holidays with the ‘prince and the princesses’ but the oldies they only cause you inconveniences as they restrict your movements. Real nuisances, sometimes, are they not?

The pet dog brings you acceptability with the ‘sophisticated people’ and it gives you respectability, the old parents sometimes bring you embarrassment as they do not know how to behave with the people in the higher echelon. How can you and the ‘boss’ appear with such country pumpkins in public, they are real hindrance to the both of you.

Now, I can see you have solid reasons why you delegate the old folks to the scrap heap.  They mean more troubles, burdens  and hindrances than benefits, assets and blessings. Serve them right –  they deserve it – who ask them to grow old and be so foolish as not to have stack something away for themselves. Silly old goats, serve them right, serve them right, serve them right.

Hey, care to comment on the treatment of parents in the hands of their children?

Come visit again. Thank you.

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