Enlisting help to stay mentally alert

I have been told repeatedly that for old people to stay mentally young it is good for them to interact more with young people. This would help to keep their hearts young and their minds alert.  This strikes me as logical and I tend to agree with the sentiment expressed.

It is certainly my intention to keep myself mentally active and alert so it is my hope I can interact more actively with more youngsters. In this post I hope to enlist help from young people who may have the desire to help people in my age group. I would not be a pest to you, I impose no demand or conditions. All I ask for is for you to give comments on what I write, to inform me of any topics or articles concerning the young, or to alert me to any interesting blogs written by your contemporaries so that I can stay current on the thinking of the younger generation. Would you be willing to extend yourselves to help  me maintain my mental health without the prospect of any rewards, any benefits or returns?

Come visit again. Thank you.

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