Is it greed or is it helplessness?

When we see pictures put out by the different TV stations around the world, we usually see the group of people captured on the screens watching the price movements at the stock exchanges are elderly people. Is this the true indication of the composition of the small punters/investors populations in the stock markets? Or is it so because the old people are the ones who have the time to go to the stock exchange halls? Whichever it is, it does indicate the elderly people comprise a large percentage of the investing public. This is the sad part.

It must be agonizing for them to be there watching the prices tumble like what they are doing now. It must frighten the wits out of them when they relate what this sharp drop in the stock prices are doing to their investments. They see the ‘nests’ they have been nursing all these years diminishing or in some instances, nearly wiped out by these movements. You can literally see the anguish and anxieties on their faces. You need not wonder what go on inside their hearts at such moments? What must be heart-wrenching is that all this is beyond their control.

Who is there to help them, who can they turn to in this turbulent, disturbing and unsettling time? No one, they are on their own.

Some may say it serves them right as they are greedy for fast gains, others may brand them as imprudent. They may be all these but if you were in their place what would you have done? Look at this scenario – you have already retired and you do not have any more income from any source at all, what would you have done? You cannot escape but realise starkly that if you do not do anything with the little that you have, the money will slowly deplete. So, you start to look for ways, means and avenues to, if not increase the money, at least protect it from depleting. You have no one to turn to and the usual means, ways and avenues available bring you slow and small returns, so naturally you would look and turn to a medium which you think would give you a faster return. With the newspapers and television fanning the fire when the market is hot, you are sucked in. This may seem a foolhardy, imprudent and risky move, but what better avenue is opened to this elderly  group?

It looks like the retired elders will continue to suffer such fate unless and until the governments come out with better ways to protect the little these elders have managed to save from their lives’ works. This does not look like it is forthcoming in the very near or near future so the elders will still have to be on their own.

For those who have lost their money in their investments, the chances of them recouping their losses seem slim. They would have little or no more money left to dabble in the stock market again. For those who still have some money and those who have not invested in the market, it is best to to be contented with what you have, tighthen your belts and stay away from it altogether. It is little consolation as it does not give you any advice on how to increase your ‘little nests’ and help you gain a little more money so that your lives can be less stressful. But at least it will not tear you apart so mercilessly and it will not make you into emotional wrecks.

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