If they are mothers then they must also be someones’ wives.

In my piece ‘Mothers’ I expressed the sentiment that  mothers should  be appreciated, respected, honored, loved and venerated for the hardship and sacrifices they have readily taken upon themselves for the sake of their children. If we were to take this line of reasoning to the next logical step, the husbands, (the fathers of the children) should then have the same sentiments for these women who are their wives and who have not failed to love them.

But sadly in our daily lives, though the mothers have made and unselfishly contributed more than their share of sacrifices, the husbands have failed to love and cherish these wonderful ladies. This failure to acknowledge the contributions come about because the relationships between the husbands and the wives have become strained. The husbands are now blinded and now ignore the true contributions the wives have made to the family.  It must be heart-breaking for the ladies involved but they usually suffered in silence and many have accepted the situation. Hope this article gives them some comfort, but to be more meaningful for them we hope their children fully realized the solid contributions that had been made by their mothers. Then, justice would has been somewhat done.

For justice to be truly done, the full recognition should come from the husbands. The ladies are not asking for show of love, though this (I am sure) will follow once full cognizance of the contributions are acknowledged. For a start, look deep into what they have done for the children, then think what your family situations would be like if not for these contributions. If only this picture can be kept constantly as the mind picture, then appreciation will automatically follow. Improvement in the relationships will materialize. If the husbands can keep on doing this then love will slowly permeate the family atmosphere, happiness will be restore!

Sincerely hope both the mothers’, as well as, the fathers’ contributions are fully recognized by the children and they are both loved and cherished. Do not forget the young will one day become the old.

Come visit again, thank you for reading this.

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