Aren’t all books supposed to teach?

Good things are to be shared, I have come across an interesting book which I feel I should share with you. The author is a lama but he does not preach or sermonize to to us. His style is very down to earth and the things he imparts are practical . Read it and reap benefits from it.

Some of the ‘gems’ from the book :-

* “When searching for spiritual values, many people look for something very fresh and new, and think that Buddhism, which has been around for about 2500 years, is too old.  But that is not true! Buddhism is the freshest thing you’ll ever come across, because our mind is constantly fresh, and the Buddha is talking about nothing other than our state of mind!”

* “…. because our body is ours, our speech is ours, and our mind is ours – and our time is ours. All we need to do is learn how to use these properly in order to change our habits and improve ourselves.”

* “Buddhism tells us about our potential. This potential does not belong only to the Buddhists. or only to Christians, it belongs to each and every human being with no distinction of faith, race or culture. We have to learn how to search for it, not ‘out there’ but right within ourselves. We don’t need to go to any other person or believe in any other thing, the only important step is to believe in ourselves, in the potential we have with ourselves”.

The book is titled “The Living Dharma” and the author is Venerable Lama Yeshe Losal. Happy reading.

Some of you may be surprised when I called the book a teaching book. Aren’t all books supposed to teach us a thing or two? I personally feel it would all depend on  your own motives. If you were to start off with the mind of getting something out of your reading then this might  be true. But if you were to start off with just thinking you wanted to relax and had a leisurely read, then you might not get anything out of the book except some pleasant feelings.

But then some words, some phrases or the mood we carried into the reading session might trigger some memories of people, things or events of the past and got us thinking and we might get some lessons out of the books.

Anyway, reading good books have always benefited mankind throughout the ages and I am sure this is not about to change.

Come visit again. Thank you.

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