If two people ever met there must be affinity between them.

If two people ever met there must be affinity between them, otherwise it would not happened. Whether the meeting brings good tidings or happiness for both parties or otherwise is hard for one to see in the beginning. What may have started well in the beginning may end up disastrous and bad for one or both parties at the end.

Some may have come into your life to bring you help, or they may have come to wake you up to your potential. They may be there to guide you, to provide you with love and support and to make you happy and have peace of mind. Or they may be there to do just the opposite – to distract you, to cause you obstruction, to cause you to deviate from a good course or good path you have chosen. They may have come to cause you distress, frustration and miseries and to cause you deep unhappiness. Some are here to be your benefactors (to help you in all your undertakings and to help you to grow in wisdom and maturity), others are here to be your nemesis (to cause you to fail in all your undertakings, to retard your spiritual growth and maturity).

Such occurrences seem to be beyond our choosing, beyond our picking, beyond our control. They seem to flow in and out of our lives when certain sets of conditions come into being and when, it seems, the timing has become conducive for such conditions to happen.

How do these affinities come about? What are the causes that bring about the effects?

Is this life’s mystery or is there some ways we can understand it all.

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One thought on “If two people ever met there must be affinity between them.

  1. neilina says:

    I guess it is a mystery and we can’t solve it. But one thing is sure whtever it is, it helps to mould us in the way we are! Even if we don’t like it.

    Definitely so, good or bad any encounter leaves an impression.

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