How many of us take time to sit down and seriously reflect on our mothers’ love for us. Or these reflections never really take place at all. Or are there only vague stirrings in our hearts when we come across some incidents or writings or when something triggers memories of those pleasant, tender moments we have spent with our mothers?

Mother is someone very close to us and in most instances she is not given the credit for all the sacrifices she has made. I think she deserves all the gratefulness we can master. Those who still have mothers with them, please spend more time with them.  Reflect more on what your mothers have given you, done for you and all the hardships she has shouldered just to give you a better life.

The Chinese has a saying  which says – “Having an elder in the family is like having a precious treasure with you”.  Treasure their presence. You will never regret for having done so.

A woman was desperate to lose weight. She wanted to do it for the sake of her son . In the process she died from complications days after having gastric bypass surgery. She weighed more than 120 kg. and felt her obesity was stopping her from doing the things she wanted to with her 5-year-old son. Like all mothers, all she wanted was just to be with her child as much as possible. This had caused her her life. How sad!

A mother’s love knows no bounds. May her soul rests in peace and may her son find the kind of love she desperately wanted to give him. May the both of them find true happiness. Poignant story for me!

Come visit again. Thank you.

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One thought on “Mothers

  1. neilina says:

    Oh! Am sorry for that mother. I am also thinking it has been very long since I told my mom that I love her very much!

    Neilina, please do it and it would make my effort worth the while.

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