Why I keep politics away from my blog.

Politics was once of immense interest for me  in the past. But having watched, seen, witnessed and experienced the doings and undoings of those so called politicians, the experiences have turned me off politics and politicians. I have now acquired total aversion for politicians.

I am not that politically attuned nor politically inclined though when young I was often caught up in the political fervor of the day. Now realizing my own lack of political acumen and cunning, I feel this is not my cup of tea.

Like most who are not in the political arena, I often feel we are like sheep in a flock. Our opinions, views and leanings are often swayed by the skillful, manipulative and cunning politicians who are very good at exploiting our emotions. We are very often led by the noses by them without us being conscious of being led.

The whole range of games politicians play are not to my liking.  Their motives, their statements, their actions, their moves, and their behaviors all seem very empty, false and very unreal to me. You can easily see through their lack of sincerity and commitment but that does not prevent them from carrying on the play-acting.

Most of the time political statements are half-truths or no truth at all. All they seem to care is political gains and political mileage. Things are said and done purely for expediency, it is all that matters. Truth is dispensable to them.

Gone are the days where people went into politics to fight for causes or to serve the general good. Most people nowadays enter politics for personal gains or advancement. They are not shy are it, they are not bothered even if you know. ‘Enter politics if you want to enrich yourselves’ seems to be the current recruitment theme for politicians.

Those in politics are an arrogant lot. Standing for election, they will tell you  they are your public servants but after having been elected they will make it known in no uncertain terms they want you to treat them like your lords. During election they talk up to you, after election they talk down to you. This double-faced behavior and unabashed arrogance repulse me.

Most elected politicians blatantly display their power, positions and authorities. They have the tendency to forget their roots very fast. They forget who voted them in and who are the real bosses. They assume that once elected power, positions and authorities are their birthrights. They are not shy to make claims to these ‘birthrights’ and they are even prepared to fight ‘tooth and nail’ to retain these ‘rights’.

The modern politicians have things so good and so easy that they feel the gravy train will forever deliver and it is theirs to keep. They form cliques and have their own elite groups to protect their sources of ‘gravies’. Some have become such powerful ‘warlords’ that they are governments unto themselves.

Like politicians of the past, our present lot still makes promises. But unlike the public servants of the past, the present ‘lords’ do not feel the need to keep any of their promises. Once they are in, they call the shots, the voters have to come ‘a begging for pittance’.

These present-day politicians can and do quote Abraham Lincoln. They spout the same platitude of ‘government of the people,  by the people and for the people’.  But this is only to hoodwink the gullible voters. What they mean by the quote is theirs is a government of the people (government to take care of their people ), it is a government by people (government maintained by their very own people) and the government for the people (for people in their own families and in their elite groups). Something very different from what Abraham Lincoln had in mind, don’t you think?

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One thought on “Why I keep politics away from my blog.

  1. omgdidisaythat says:

    That I am afraid to say is a very accurate description of the sorry predicament we find ourselves in.

    I feel very much the same as you about our elected officials, who are pretty much chosen for us anyway. ‘You can choose any of these guys’.

    Personally I think it is time to fight back. Having just watched politicians aided and abbeted by the media hoodwink Americans of over one trillion in bailouts for their campaign backers it is unthinkable that these people should be allowed to continue. They have commited a crime.

    It is a shame that you have turned your back on politics, but I do understand why.

    omgdidisaythat, thank you for dropping in. We are in the same predicament – the only choice we ever have is to ‘choose ‘the better amongst the rotten apples’. They are a bunch of negativities in the society and I choose not to associate myself with them. Time, energy and our lives can be used for more constructive activities.

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