United Kingdom – fond memories of my trip in 2008

Today I tried to recall the many sights and images of the UK that had impressed themselves in my mind. These images refresh the experiences when I first encountered them. I recall them now with fondness.

The most distinct impression of the country is the greenery. The many gardens and parks throughout the whole nation are a delight. The well-kept fields and the great big trees  are a credit to the cities. These gardens and parks act as green lungs which give the air a cooling effect and keep the atmosphere fresh.

The varied varieties of scrubs, flowers and plants make it a really enjoyable to take a stroll around these parks. The rich varieties of colorful flowers attract my senses. Walking around at that time of the year was most captivating. The beautiful, colorful flowers and the bees tempted me every few steps to stop and capture them  on film.

On the fine, sunny days scores and scores of people took in the sun in the parks and gardens. Some had their lunches there and  others just did nothing but soaked in the sunlight. Mothers also took their little ones to play and enjoy themselves. It all created a very congenial atmosphere.

At the parks and city centres there were the street performers – young and old, doing their things. There were the musicians and bands, the trapeze performers, the sculptors, the artists, and the tribal performers from foreign countries.

When I was taking my walks I saw many pet owners with their pet dogs. The dogs were of different sizes and shapes. To me, it seemed some of the dogs were taking the owners for the walks instead of being taken for walks, for they were so huge.

Walking around the cities, especially in London, the cosmopolitian nature of the population is clearly evident. There you see Africans, Arabs, Malaysians, Chinese, Indians, Pakistanis, Japanese, Italians, French and many others of other European origins.

Another impression is the huge university complexes in most of the cities. Most of the buildings of the university complexes were very old and impressive. It gives you the feeling that the Brits take their education very seriously.

The large numbers of museums and historical places like the Georgian Houses left a very deep impression on me. Though they were old they were very well-preserved and well-maintained. You have nothing but admiration for the work done.

The beautiful, ornate cathedrals are sights you cannot ignore in the UK. These places contain a very large part of the nation’s history. You can glean much of Britain’s history from going through these buildings. They are opened everyday of the week and you are made to feel very welcome. Members of the congregations are in attendance in every cathedral.

Walking around the cities and villages the great number of cafes, bakeries and fast food outlets are common sights. These tell you the Brits are great coffee and tea drinkers and also great eaters of bread and pastries.

Traveling by trains, buses and cars around the country I noticed countless boat houses in the marinas and inland rivers. It left me with a leisurely feeling of life in the UK.

Another impression that had etched itself in my mind was the huge, busy underground stations and railway stations. These are also usually of very old structures but they are well-planned as everything is contained within the same complexes. The punctuality is one feature I appreciate, the trains are seldom late.

Around the cities you cannot fail to see the cute cabs moving around. Most UK cabs have the unique UK shape and some are painted with strikingly bright colors.

No matter which cities you go to you can see the local tour buses. They are usually painted in red and most have open tops.

Friday and Saturday nights are usually very busy nights. On these nights you can see long lines of taxis waiting outside the pubs. The reason they are there is on such nights most of those who drink do not want to be caught driving so they take the cabs home.

One thing you see very little of in the UK are the motor-cycles. They are so few such vehicles in sight. You see more bicycles than motor-cycles.

There are large numbers of seagulls and pigeons in areas near the rivers and the seas. In the parks there are large populations of squirrels. These creatures know they will be fed so they are not afraid of man but congregate near you.

These are the sights that I find most memorable of the UK.  I enjoyed my brief stay in the UK.

Thank you for visiting, do not take too long to visit again.

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One thought on “United Kingdom – fond memories of my trip in 2008

  1. neilina says:

    Oh! I want to go to UK once in my lifetime. In India you will find more of motor bikes than cycles 🙂

    In most Asian countries you would find the same thing. It’s okay if the motor-cyclists do not make such a din on purpose. But the opposite is always the case.

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