Newlyweds loathe their gifts and would rather be given vouchers

Above is the title given to an article written on wedding gifts and the reactions of the newlyweds in the UK upon receiving them. Here is what was featured:

Run, before the gifts arrive! Couples feel burdened by unloved present.

Most newlyweds hate their wedding gifts and wish their guests had bought them vouchers, according to a new report.

Researchers who quizzed 1,000 couples married within the last two years found that 68 per cent were disappointed with their gifts.

The survey also revealed the top five gifts that couples love to hate are:

• Personalised bath robes

• Salt and pepper pots

• Candlesticks

• Photo frames

• Plates.

It also found that 72 per cent of couples would rather receive vouchers or money to spend on things they really want.

Couples say they feel obliged to display hideous ornaments, picture frames and vases for years so as not to offend the loved ones who bought them.

However, it seems vouchers can also be problematic. The survey showed that 28 per cent of couples who received them were disappointed with the designated retailer, finding the vouchers difficult to spend – and sometimes failing to use them at all before they expired.

Other results showed that 85 per cent of couples would prefer to choose their own gifts after receiving presents – including membership for a baboon charity, an olive tree and even an ant-catching kit.

A wedding service gift card has been launched by the Bridges Shopping Centre in Sunderland, which carried out the survey.

‘We were shocked to find so many unhappy couples surveyed on what should be a happy occasion,’ said marketing manager Sarah King.

Based on the above it seems the Chinese have the right idea, they normally give ‘red packets’. These red packets are red envelopes used to hold the wedding gifts. The Chinese are known for their practicality, in this area of wedding gifts it has the approval of the newlyweds judging from the comments above as the envelopes hold the mighty dollars!

Different cultures have different customs, wonder what the other nationalities give as wedding gifts. What do the South Americans, the Arabs, the Indians, Pakistanis, the Afghans, the Russians, The Italians and the people in the other countries give as wedding presents. It would be interesting to know. It would also be interesting to know how the newlyweds in these societies react to the gifts.  Would our friends from these countries care to comment?

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2 thoughts on “Newlyweds loathe their gifts and would rather be given vouchers

  1. neilina says:

    Yeah, when my best friend’s marriage was there, I was told by everyone to gift her vouchers.

    neilina – what do they give as wedding gifts in India? When I was there I saw a very elaborate wedding reception, it must had cost the parents a bomb!

  2. neilina says:

    Oh yeah, it does cost a bomb especially when you are girl’s parents….many parts of India have dowry system, gifts which guy family gets from boy side.


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