A light-hearted post!

Recently one of my blogging friend said her dream man should be tall. A married blogging buddy commented that she is married to short man. So there are still ladies out there who prefer short men.

This set me thinking why some women prefer tall men. The reason given by the first friend is that so she can continue to wear her high-heeled shoes which she adores. What other fascinating, amusing and even outrageous reasons are there for this preference?

By now you would have known I’m a male – so I don’t know all the reasons for this preference- would you ladies like to enlighten me.

This is more than just pure curiosity, for I am personally short in stature, so personal interest is involved here. Just give your reasons, don’t worry about bruised egos! No way would I be rattled nor would my ego be bruised for I had long accepted that this is something I was born with which cannot be changed. I assure you it won’t cause me to commit suicide.

There are also many advantages for being short. For one, we don’t get our heads knocked against low ceilings and doorways. We are more comfortable traveling economy class in airplanes. We can buy compact cars. Our clothing cost us less as we need less cloth for our trousers, coats and shirts. Physically we are more stable as we are closer to ground gravity. We are more agile and mobile than our taller counterparts. A recent research claims we have better chances of not contracting prostate cancer. See, I told you I’m well adapted.

May the ladies be given the wisdom to see the inner beauties and positive qualities in short men! And they are quite evident, you know.

Come visit again, thank you for reading this.

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One thought on “A light-hearted post!

  1. neilina says:

    I am not against short man. I can fall in love with short man also. But I am also very heighted and always wanted that when a man will hug me, he should be heighted, may be I wanted to lay completely in his arms. I always wanted to be younger, may be that is the another reason………..ssssshhhh…these all are my secrets! 🙂

    Your blog started me on this, so the cat is already out of the bag. We now know your secrets>

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