Parade of personalities

If you are in a corporate environment and have several people working under you,  you would definitely come across many types of people, a variety of different personalities. One group you may feel pity for, another you may sympathise with, one type you may have neutral feeling towards, another pure disgust, while another you may have admiration for. I will try to list the types I had come across and I doubt it would be differ greatly from yours.

‘The Clueless’ :  These are the naive ones who have no idea what are expected of them and they also have no idea what to expect. In friendlier environment they may be able to coast along. But if the environment is more hostile, they may find themselves forced out.

‘The Meek’ :  These people may possess some direction and purpose but they are too shy to let others know of them. They keep these bottled up inside themselves and are not assertive. They are too timid even to be seem as assertive. They are not the trouble makers but may be the frustrated ones in the organisation.

‘The Non-figthers’: These are the ones who usually accept what are dished out to them. They seldom give voice to their opinions, they would be happy just to be left alone to do their things. They are the fence-sitters in the company.

‘The Fighters’: These people will fight for anything, they willingly take up any cause, whether the causes involve them or not. They usually like attention and if there are union in the organisation, they would most likely be the union activists.

‘The Schemers’ :  These are the dangerous one, they scheme and plot the whole time. Some are the silent type while some are talkative. The sole purpose of their clandestine activities are for their own personal gains and self advancement. They too are the ones who play up to the bosses, but they usually do that behind the backs of their colleagues.

‘The Apple-polishers’: These people play up to the bosses on every occasion and right in front of everybody. They are not shy about it even though the ways they do it usually lacks finesse. Everyone can see through them.

‘The Trouble-makers’: These people seem to have nothing on their minds but just to go all out to make troubles for others. They are loose with their mouths, they gossip and worst of all they create stories. After their ‘true colors’ are revealed they are avoided and in some cases ostracised but they usually don’t change.

‘The Toxics’ :  These are the worst kind, the category above has the bad habit but these ones have the ‘bad hearts.’ They are more like the combination of ‘the schemers’ and ‘the trouble-makers’. If you have one in your organisation, then have mercy on those other people who happen to step on their toes or who are in their way to the top. They can be merciless and they usually ‘borrow’ others’ knives to do the stabbings.

‘The show-offs’:  These are the most irritating kind, they like to be No. 1 in everything and on every occasion. Their incessant trumpeting drives you crazy. But they don’t pipe down or slow down, their restraints vapourise the minute the next subject comes up.

‘The Hoarders’ : These are the attention-grabbers.  They have the skill to turn and twist everything to thier advantage. They just want all the credits for themselves, they don’t care two hoots about the facts. Too bad you are there, too bad you are irritated, too bad you are annoyed. They place no restraints or constraints to satisfy their egos.

Of course there are  the good, kind and considerate ones too.

‘The Caring Lot’: This lot concerns themselves with the well-being and welfare of their colleagues. They extend themselves in areas where their colleagues are facing difficulties and problems. Giving a helping hand in completing work or saying words of comfort when they are required.

‘The Respectful and obliging youngsters’:   This group is a boss’ dream, they are not only obliging but also respectful. They come in with a very clear set of values which include gratefulness. They treat the seniors with total respect because to them they are learning from the seniors.  They are obliging in attitude and are always respectful even in the most difficult and demanding situations.

‘The Altruistic Lot’ :   These group of people are selfless, free of ego, and are free of fear of others overtaking them. They are always prepared to impart what they know to others. They have the good of the team and organisation at heart. They are altruistic in all areas – in time, energy and even in money. A boss is truly blessed to have such people working under him.

The Chinese has a saying which roughly translated goes something like – ‘ One species of rice feeds hundreds kinds of men’. This list surely gives much credence to the saying. Which group do you belong to? Which group do you aspire to be in?

May we always be mindfulness in what we do and may we always make the better choice.

Come visit again. Thank you.


One thought on “Parade of personalities

  1. neilina says:

    I have all these kinda people in my workplace!

    neilina – you forget to tell us which group you belong to or which is the one you aspire to belong. What do you do with the ‘toxics’?

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