Peace and Quiet

A news report gives the reasons why the average Brit only gets 63 minutes of peace and quiet a day.

It says silence is now a thing of the past in the majority of British homes as they are bombarded with sound from the moment they wake up until bedtime.  This barrage of sound come from the unceasing use of the television, radio, the internet and phone causing millions of people never enjoying peace and quiet for a moment.

A recent Ofcom report shows that adults in the UK are now taking in more than 50 hours of media per week. The media research consultancy M-Lab followed up with a report on the impact of this increase in media consumption on the British home lives.

A study shows on television watching revealed that the Brits are constantly bombarded with noise from this media and only have 63 minutes of ‘media silence’ a day. This means the British adults now have only one hour (63 minutes) per day of ‘media silence’ at home.

It comes out with a startling finding that almost one in three (31per cent) British homes now have media on all the time while at home, and a further 22 per cent have only half an hour or less each day with no media playing.

M-Lab’s survey also revealed that bedrooms are one of the last places in homes where people ‘switch off’, but even this is changing 32 per cent now wake up to the sound of TV or radio, and 71per cent say that some kind of media consumption is the last thing they do before going to sleep at night.

Perhaps not surprisingly, more than one in four adults (27per cent) say that having a TV in the bedroom is affecting their sex life for the worse.

The M-Lab research also asked about the devices that most annoy those surveyed at home. The ‘noisy’  culprits are clearly the landline phones, mobile phones, alarm clocks, washing machines, TVs, vacuum cleaners, and smoke alarms.

Graham Williams, Director of M-Lab, said: ‘If you add it all up, the average person now spends more time on TV, radio, internet and phone calls than they actually spend at home.

‘That explains why many so people now watch TV and surf the net at the same time – if we weren’t, we’d have no quiet time left at all.

‘Usually the summer months find us consuming less media, but with the Olympics, many of us will not have taken our usual summer break from media consumption and as the evenings get shorter, life will become increasingly media-heavy over the next few months.

‘For many of us, switching on media when we get home is as automatic as switching on the lights from the moment our clock-radio wakes us in the morning to the moment we switch off the TV or check our last email at night, media is a constant companion.

‘For some people, background noise provides a vital sense of security and companionship, but for others, preserving a bit of quiet time for ourselves, or to spend with our families, is getting increasingly difficult.

‘We are clearly reaching a limit here media companies have almost no space left to fill in our home lives.

‘The opportunity to increase overall consumption now lies in reaching people on the move through mobile devices, or in leisure venues,’ Mr Williams said.

‘There is also a big opportunity for media brands who can exploit the simultaneous use of the internet and other media.

‘For consumers, life will be more crowded than ever, but on the plus side, greater control over content will mean that irrelevant and intrusive media will be squeezed out of existence.’

From what have been described, many Asian homes are also not very far behind. We are also constanly allowing ourselves to be bombarded by the same media as we get addicted to these modern devices. In Asia the noise from outside our homes is bad enough without us adding more noise from inside our own homes. But it looks like if we want to make a difference here we need to be more mindful of what devices we use in our homes. Or at least how we use these appliances. We need to be more aware how our automatic daily actions add on to this noise pollution. For if left uncontrolled it will distract us, disturb our inner peace and even affect our health.

May we have the wisdom, mindfulness and awareness with us always!

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