“Back to Square One”, how did it originate?

Each one of us has used this phrase before but how many of us know how this phrase come into being. This is a frequently used saying so it would be good to know its origin. Thanks to  Tony Wootton and Gwen Zanzottera who wrote “By Hook or by Crook’, we know can know its origin.

Back to Square One

This is a saying which dates back to the nineteen thirties when football matches were broadcast and a plan of the pitch was published, all marked out into squares. After each move on the pitch, the commentator gave the number of the square so that the listener knew exactly where the action was. Square one was the goalkeeper’s square so when the ball was passed back to the goalkeeper, it was back to square one.


One thought on ““Back to Square One”, how did it originate?

  1. neilina says:

    wow! Intersting….

    Thanks you, as always, neilina, for your comments. Appreciate you taking time to visit.

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