Report card

I’ve been gauging what impact my stay in the UK for the past 11 weeks has on my relationship with my youngest daughter there. This is only one part of my concern and interest, we met one there but we left 3 here in Malaysia, so my I am keen to see what our being away have meant in this area.

This is the first time my wife and I had been away from home for so long, so what harm or benefit had come out of this? I see they had emerged no worst for it, so what sort of report card would I issue?

They had passed with flying colours and they obtained high marks in bonding exercises, in doing house-keeping chores, in taking care of parents, in discharging duties entrusted to them, and in giving us a care-free holiday.

It was most gratifying to see that they had religiously kept phone contact with their mom and me, that they talked frequently with their sister in the UK enquiring about our welfare. It was certainly a pleasing feeling to come back to a well kept house and to beds which had clean sheets laid out. Our hearts were beaming with glee when our second daughter took leave so that she could fetch us from the airport and had enough care to take us out  to taste our Malaysian food that very evening. The chores entrusted to them were well done, with all carried out to our satisfaction. The house altar was neat and clean and the offerings were all laid out correctly. The plants were all striving. There was no laundry or dishes left undone, and my personal matters were all taken care of without causing me any anxiety. I think that they had done to the best of their abilities to make this an enjoyable trip for us. It was definitely a care-free, trouble-free, anxiety-free trip for us. Thank you children.

May all parents be able to enjoy such happy times.


One thought on “Report card

  1. neilina says:

    You are really lucky and your daughters are also lucky to have you. Glad that you enjoyed the trip.

    Neilina, I’m truly grateful for the trip and the good health to undertake the trip. as well as for the good fortune to be able to afford the trip. Truly blessed!

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