Troubled and anxious times … think of others.

Wall Street giant, Lehman  has filed for bankruptcy and thousands of people are going to be laid off. In the UK alone 5,000 people had lost their jobs. Let us all (no matter where we are in this world) spare a thought for them and their family members. These people are part of us, they are fellow citizens in this world we live in. Most of them would be like us, many would have financial obligations to bear, the younger members would have families to look after and in a credit crunch such as the one that is looming, they would be very anxious as to whether they could find alternative employment real soon. Whatever we are doing now, let us stop and let each of us say a prayer for them.  May our combined prayers bring them peace and comfort. May they have clarity of mind and the strength to weather this confusing, anxious and troubled time.

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2 thoughts on “Troubled and anxious times … think of others.

  1. neilina says:

    Oh! I will say pray words for them. May God bless them.

    Neilina, let all pray and let our prayers all add up and create a difference though we may not even notice it.

  2. neilina says:

    By-the-way, the new look of your blog is very nice. Loved it.

    Neilina , thanks, it’s very neat, I like it.

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