Homeward bound

After spending 83 days with my daughter here in the UK, my wife and I would be heading home today. By the time some of you read this we would be on our way to Malaysia. Before we embarked on the journey and when we first arrived here we saw 83 days as a very long time. But now, we are on our return journey.

How has this trip been? I’m very grateful to have taken this trip, I view it with tremendous satisfaction. I would consider it a positive, joyful, happy and rewarding trip. It provided me with many learning opportunities which had led me to review, reassess and alter many of my opinions and assumptions.

Positive because every event , every encounter has brought nothing but positive results.

Joyful because every encounter strengthened our bonds with others. It was also a joy to see our daughter graduating with a PhD, a joy because I was able to indulge in my favorite activity of playing with children (abandoned myself with my grand nephew).

Happy because we had a fabulous time visiting different parts of Britain and experiencing a culture very different from our own. I was also very pleased as I was able indulge in one of my hobbies – photography – extensively.

And rewarding because it brought my wife, my daughter and I closer and also we had the chance to build a meaningful bond with our nephew. It was also here, with the encouragement of my daughter, that I started this blog.

I am happy many areas that it touched are areas concerning relationship and interaction. I take these areas to be of great importance for I believe if I choose to be happy and want to have happiness in my relationships with my loved ones, these areas cannot be neglected or ignored.

As mentioned earlier the trip offered me the opportunity not only to bond with my daughter and but also my nephew (see revisiting-my-nephew-in-brough-northern-england). My nephew and I, both agreed that such bonding would not have taken place if we were in Malaysia. The visits to his home offered us quality time together where we were able to know each other better.

My daughter and I got something valuable out of the trip too. I got  a clear understanding how she wants us to treat her, a fair idea of what she intends to do from here on, and some of her concern and her worries at this stage of her life. We are much at ease as we have seen for ourselves that she is capable of looking after herself.

My daughter would by now have a fair idea of the depth of our concern and love for her and her siblings. She would have a better appreciation of why we as parents find it hard to let go most of the time.

We are happy that the trip has helped chip away at the wall that separates two different generations. We are grateful we are so blessed. Don’t you agree with me that it was a great trip!?

May wisdom never desert us, may others have the chance to enjoy the same experiences.


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