Do as I do …

These photos tell a story. Take a close look and see what you think the story line is. Observe what the mother was doing, what do you think the ducklings were doing. They were observing the action of their mom, right? Look, look at them.

Look carefully at this second picture and what have you pick up? The mom was still putting its head beneath the water searching for food. And the two young ones? They were still watching what their mom was doing. See the intense concentration on the part of the ducklings.

And this last photo, what were the youngsters doing? They were imitating the action of their mother! See whose turn it was then to observe the action of the ducklings with intensity? The mother, she must be very proud for she could see she has taught well!

We human beings are no different, children are always observing all the adults’ actions. Yes, this is the frightening part, they are observing¬†all the adults’ actions. Obviously, some of the deeds and words done and uttered by the adults are far from lessons they want to pass down to the kids or wish them to learn. But the kids are all the while silently hearing and observing, then taking it all in and internalizing them.

How I wished I had someone constantly reminding me to be mindful with my words and deeds when my children were in their formative ages. It would have been much more beneficial all round had there been someone to prop me to be more mindful, more deliberate in my words and deeds. Adults should always keep this awareness with them – they are not playing role models, they are the actual role model!

Young parents, may you always be aware that you are helping to shape young lives and may you always be mindful of your words and deeds.

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One thought on “Do as I do …

  1. neilina says:

    They are so cute! What about…’journey on my foot steps’.

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