Caesarean births affect bonding between babies and mothers

Every generation thinks of their own era as the ‘modern times’. In this modern times many mothers opt to have their babies by caesarean section. Many do it for health reasons, many also do it for safety reasons. But there are many who do it as a ‘lifestyle choice’. Not too respectfully, this choice has been dubbed as the  ‘too posh to push’ choice.

Whatever the choice, British and US scientists have now reveal some findings which may be useful for those mothers who have to go the caesarean section way and  also for mothers who choose to take the lifestyle choice. This information will help bonding between the babies and the mothers. It is a useful piece of information.

Scientists claim mothers who have their babies delivered naturally  are more emotionally responsive to the cries of their babies. And mothers who delivered their babies by Caesarean section may feel less attached to their babies.

They reason this is because part of the brain believed to regulate our emotions, motivation and habitual behavior are not as strongly activated in Caesarean mothers as they are in mothers who have natural births. “Strongly activated’ certainly gives us a very clear picture of how the activation process of our emotions, motivation and habitual behavior work. More interestingly these scientists say the difference may be explained by a ‘bonding’ hormone (Oxytocin) released in the brain during labour. It is also known as the ‘love hormone’ or ‘cuddle chemical’. It is this hormone that creates feelings of attachment in both humans and animals. It is also produced in women during breast feeding and sex.

Mothers who have their babies delivered by Caesarean section are advised to cuddle the new babies against their skin straight after birth. 

Mothers who have a choice, consider your choice carefully, though it has not been firmly established, the Caesarean section operation is linked with post-natal depression.

The findings – based on just 12 American mothers – are published today in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry.

I as a layman see logic in the findings. If you have expended much more emotional and physical energies into the birthing process and if the pain you suffered is much more intense, it makes sense the bonding between you and your baby would also be much more intense. The law of harvest in play.

May all mothers and newborns be safe and may the babies bring much joy and happiness into their families.


One thought on “Caesarean births affect bonding between babies and mothers

  1. neilina says:

    And I also heard you won’t be remembering even a bit of pain after child birth. Thanks for sharing such useful information.

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