Another Step to prevent miscarriage

Women who desire to have babies would do anything to protect their pregnancies and have them complete their full terms. Carrying the babies in them are  unique emotional experiences only mothers can appreciate.

Miscarriages would be an unthinkable option. But no matter how much they are dreaded and no matter how hard we wish them away, they do still occur sometimes. These are heart-wrenching experiences we do not wish on anyone.

There is good news coming from Dr. Faizah Mukri and his team. They are from St. George’s Hospital, London. They believe they are a step closer to understanding how miscarriages occur. In all the failed cases his research team had studied, they found the babies that were lost had failed to grow properly in the first few weeks of life. In these failed pregnancies , they found the ‘crown rump length’ (CRL) of the of the foetuses were ‘significantly smaller’.

The doctor feels it would be ideal if women can go for a scan before the twelfth week to check on their foetuses’ crown rump lengths. This I am sure most mothers will gladly do.

We wish all the ladies who wish to have babies trouble-free pregnancies and may their babies be healthy.


One thought on “Another Step to prevent miscarriage

  1. neilina says:

    I am glad you came with such a nice and informative post. Thanks so much for sharing this information.
    Bless You!

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