A new Addiction ?

Do you feel stressed when you’re away from the internet? Do your brain activity and blood pressure increase when you are unable to get online? If the answers to both questions are in the affirmative, then my friends you have got internet dependency or ‘discomgoogolation’. See how much internet has pervaded our lives , we even have a word to describe our internet withdrawal symptoms.

Remember the word – Discomgoogolation – it means a ‘feeling of distress and anxiety’ suffered by people who cannot Google what they want when they want. Or a ‘feeling of distress or anxiety when unable to gain immediate information access’.

The downside of ‘discomgoogolation’ is the ‘addicts’ are paying the net more attention than their partner while others said the loss of the web at home was worse than being without electricity.

Dr David Lewis, a pshychologist said: ‘The proliferation of broadband has meant that for the first time in history we have entered a culture of “instant answers” a galaxy of information is just a mouse click away and we have become addicted to the web”. He warns this growing obsession with the net has a negative impact on the health.

This comparison was given – the stress felt of being disconnected was equivalent to that of running half an hour late for a key meeting, being about to sit an important exam or, in the worst cases, being sacked. Don’t you think this is serious? Don’t you think it is a cause for concern?Some psychiatrists have have even deemed this as a serious public health problem and that it should be officially recognised as a clinical disorder.

If you still don’t take this seriously just see what those who have been so affected have to say of their’ addiction’ :

– they cannot live without the internet as they spend ever more time emailing, playing online games and viewing porn.

– they are on the net for up to four hours a day and almost half said they feel frustrated and confused when cut off.

– men were found to become most stressed when denied access to the net in the evenings while women suffer when they cannot get online during the day.

– Friday emerged as the most stressful day to be disconnected because it prevents them planning their weekends using the search engine Google.

– they were especially stressful when they are out and about. They often need to make many short-notice decisions at this time but feel they are doing so without the full information the internet usually gives them.

– they now rely on the internet as their main source of information and they would be at a loss where to look without it.

– some spend more time on the net than with their family in an average week.

– they also tend to have more arguments, suffer from fatigue, get lower marks in tests and feel isolated from society.

So if you have  such telltale symptoms like forgetting to eat and sleep, needing ever more advanced technology or need more hours online and experiencing genuine withdrawal symptoms when deprived of your computer, you better seek help.

May we have the wisdom to know when enough is enough.


2 thoughts on “A new Addiction ?

  1. neilina says:

    I was not knowing that I am this much dependent on net until I went to my native! But now I am trying to reduce this dependency, moving towards books and friends. I hate that feeling!

  2. novice101 says:

    Yep, you have wisdom, you choose to wean yourself off the net.

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