Brutal Death for wanting to choose own husbands

Isn’t it sad that a human being can act so insensitively against another human being. Isn’t is sad too that such despotic and cruel act is still allowed to be camouflaged under the name of ‘tradition’ and still allowed to continue.

Three young women who wanted to pick their own husbands together with their two sympathisers were buried alive in a mass honour killing. They were abducted at gunpoint, beaten and shot before being thrown into a ditch. It seems they were still breathing as their bodies were covered with rocks and mud.

The incident occurred in Baba Kot, a remote village in Jafferabad district, Baluchistin, Pakistan after the young women decided to defy tribal elders and arrange marriages in a civil court, according to the Asian Human Rights Commission.

This incident will definitely spark indignation in many countries across all the continents. Many men and women would be aghast at the blatant brutality perpetrated in the name of ‘tradition’. This sort of dictatorial and oppressive behavior is downright offensive to human decency. It is an age-old issue that cannot be changed by laws alone. Laws need to be enforced to be of use. To enforce the laws you need the will of the governments. Laws may speed up the change process but real change can only come through education. But how do you bring education to such remote communities to effect quick change in the people’s attitudes. Modern societies can name many defects of television but television may be the right answer here.

Let us all spare some thoughts to how young ladies in such communities suffer and let us use this to remind ourselves of the freedom we have. May happiness  be the given to all.


2 thoughts on “Brutal Death for wanting to choose own husbands

  1. neilina says:

    Oh! This is so horrible…..

  2. novice101 says:

    Yes, it’s really horrible, some of us are so lucky and some so miserable, why?

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