It’s hard to fathom human nature.

What words and phrases are most used in the newspapers nowadays. Which are the ones you will not missed each day? Each time when you open your papers these phrases scream from all over the pages at you. If we were to focus just on them, we would believe that ‘doomsday’ would soon be upon us.

I list here those most-repeated phrases for you – credit crunch – economic woes – economic downturn -sinking into recession – further misery for millions of households – the worst is yet to come – mortgage market is set to fall – recession looms – homebuyers hit by triple misery – gas bills are set to soar – bread price is still rising – business confidence slumps to a new low.

What do you think of them? Aren’t they gloomy, discouraging, uninspiring, dispiriting and downright negative? Hasn’t the weather created enough gloomy, must the newspapers add more gloomy to our lives? Wish human nature isn’t so hard for one to fathom.

On one hand we have the newspapers and the economic pundits issuing warnings on how dire consequences are going to rain down on the nation, on the other we have behaviors that seem to contradict the newspapers and the pundits. They seem to point to the other direction. Right now 32% of the population still think that the UK is not in a recession (survey conducted by  – the survey is still on-going).

How could it be if such things are still happening before us? There is an entrepreneur who brought a £150,000 custom-built Batmobile. And we have a showbiz personality paying what is believed to be the largest divorce settlement (£25million). Then, there is this billionaire boyfriend who is willing to splash £9.25million for a pad for his supermodel girlfriend. And from the corporate scene, the top 100 law firms chalked up a record £14billion in fees last year. And there is a collector who is prepared to pay £2,000 for a slice of cake (albeit it is a piece of Princess Diana’s wedding cake).

Newspapers and the pundits versus the big spenders, what are we to believe? Or who do you believe? It is truly hard to fathom human nature, don’t you think so?

May each of us find our true happiness.

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2 thoughts on “It’s hard to fathom human nature.

  1. neilina says:

    Thanks for your blessings! I think sometimes, why we can’t write and feel positive. I guess it will make lot of difference in the minds of people. Reading and seeing positivity happening around you, can create lot of difference.

  2. novice101 says:

    Yes, you are correct, how we choose to see things makes all the difference. This choice will determine our reactions.

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