Diamonds maybe ladies’ best friends but grandchildren are grandfathers’ best friends!

Put a grandchild and a grandfather together and the moment instanteously becomes magic. Grandchildren and grandfathers are a perfect match for creating gaiety and joy. They bond easily  as each has nothing to hide from the other, each can reveal oneself to the other without fear of being vulnerable.

There is absolutely no fear of one-upmanship, of one trying to outdo or outsmart the other. Of one trying to steal the limelight for oneself. Granchildren are too young to be anything else but being their true innocent selves, the grandfathers have clocked in enough years to realise there is not going to be friends more true than the innocent kids.

When they are together everything that transpired is from the heart! Everything is genuine. No false courtesy is displayed, no one trying to be polite and politically correct. One can take the other as he is, no veneer at all.

There is no false pride to mar the talk, everyone word spoken is right from the heart. There is absolutely no need to be anything or anyone else but himself. There can never be a more transparent and a more healthier situation.

The friendliness one extends to the other is not tainted by self-interest or selfishness. It is the true expression of one loving the other’s company. The friendship blossoms on pure motive of love and it bonds on this fine quality and nothing else.

The smiles are not faked nor are the laughters. Every smile and every laughter is a true expression of geniune emotions and feelings. There is no need to double guess nor be suspicious of motives or intentions.

All expressions are true revelation of feelings, what transpired has real warm and gaiety. There is no greater joy and there will not be a more perfect combination!

Grandchildren are nature’s gift to grandfathers. They are given as antidotes to award off loneliness, unhappiness, sorrows, here to energise them, to grant them comfort, joy and happiness, to brighten their days. Grandfathers are nature’s gift to grandchildren. They are given to provide gaiety, warm, cuddles, hugs and companionship to make the childhood a more loving experience.

Grandchildren and grandfathers have genuine love for each other, they are made for each other.

May all grandchildren be happy and may all grandfathers have the joy to be surrounded with grandchildren always.

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