Revisiting my nephew in Brough, Northern England.

Since the coming Monday is a holiday in England and Wales I get to visit my nephew for the second time since coming to the UK. This young man has come a long way. He studied in a privately-run secondary Chinese school when he was in Malaysia. Even at that age he had the fore-sight to pick pharmacy for his career. The choice then was either to go to China or to the UK to pursue the course. Again he made the right choice of choosing the UK to complete his studies. Since then he has done well for himself.                        

Actually, he is my wife’s nephew. In he younger days there was not much of a contact between him personally and us. Each time he went back for his holidays, he was always courteous enough to call on us. That was just about all the contact we had we him.

Now that we have the opportunity to visit the UK, the relationship has really deepened. He, his aunt and I had the chance to sit around and talk after the nightly dinners when we finally visited his home. These ’round-table conferences’ had provided the opportunity for us to truly bond and it is wonderful. His two-year-old son has won us over and is the cement that bonds this link even further.

Why does it have to take so long for it to happen and why had it have to happen in such a far-away place? Reasons there are a few but what is more important is that the bond is solidified. If there is true affinity, things will usually turn out this way. This is serendipity making its appearance again and I most welcome it.


One thought on “Revisiting my nephew in Brough, Northern England.

  1. […] the trip offered me the opportunity not only to bond with my daughter and but also my nephew (see revisiting-my-nephew-in-brough-northern-england). My nephew and I, both agreed that such bonding would not have taken place if we were in Malaysia. […]

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