Don’t wait to be struck by Stroke.

In Great Britain stroke is now the third biggest killer, just behind heart disease and cancer. But how many Malaysians know what a stroke is? Are we like most the British who think stroke as something that affects older people? The British statistics show that in each year one in four strokes occur in people under the age of 65 and a frightening 1,000 affect people under 30. So, what actually is a stroke – it is a brain attack that occurs when a blood clot blocks a vessel supplying blood to the brain bursts. Brain cells die without the supply of oxygen brought by the blood. Pray we be spared from stroke attacks as recovery from a stroke can take a long time and physio speech therapy is usually required. Depression and frustration normally set in, too.

Prevention is always better than cure, there are steps we can take to ward off stroke attacks.  A healthy, active lifestyle will reduce the risk of a stroke. There are food choices we can make. Foods play a vital role in the prevention of a stroke attack:

> Bananas – it is rich in potassium that can help protect blood vessels  from the damage caused by high blood pressure.

> Oily fish – eat these as studies in Japan show those living in fishing village had fewer strokes than farmers from inland agricultural villages.

> Porridge – take oat porridge for breakfast as oats possess a chemical called avenantihramides which stops blood cells from sticking to the artery walls, allowing blood to flow freely.

(Source: MetroHealth,UK)

There is a video I feel very strongly that no one should miss, I found it in ‘zoe’s blog’. View it and be inspired by it.

Stroke of Insight ~ Highly Recommended Video

So do take care and may you be happy.

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