Malaysians, don’t lose this beautiful characteristic of ours!

This is an article written by an Australian on a fine human characteristic of Malaysians. I am also one who has the tendency to react with joy and tenderness towards babies and toddlers when I see them, so I like what is written. We should try to keep this naturalness and not allow fears and ‘protectiveness’ to stifle our love of children. Australians and people in many Western countries  have allowed their fear of paedophiles to freeze their warmth towards the very young. This is a pity.

Not everything Asian is old-fashioned, sometimes it takes an ‘outsider’ to reminder us of the beauty of our own culture. Thank you ‘verbalminestrone’!

Malaysians, enjoy the praise heaved on us but more important do not hold back your natural instincts! May you be happy and may you help to spread happiness.

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