What should I have done if the situation turns out to be true?

There is a children’s festival being held here where I am staying. As this is the first time I visited such festival, I was unsure it is free of charge or whether one has to pay. On getting to the festival ground I saw a man and he was with two little kids whom I presumed to be his children.  The man was trying to lift the movable fencing but it did not yield. I presumed he, like me, did not know where the entrance was and wanted to take a short cut. He and the children went anti-clockwise and I went clock wise. The direction taken by them was nearer to the entrance.

The entrance charges were – for children, £12 (RM75) each and for adults it is £8 (RM50) each. Without a kid I did not go in. I backtracked to see if I could find some interesting subjects to photograph. Then, I saw the man and his two kids again. They were standing near another part of the fenced area looking into the playground. I then had the feeling the man wanted to take his kids to the festival but because of the high entrance fees he could not afford to delight his kids.

My suspicion was further strengthened when I saw the kids drawing in a mud pool when I returned from my little excursion. The dad was sitting next to them.  Obviously, the man loves his kids and it is sad he could not afford to get them into the playground.  I would like to help but my financial means would not allow me to do so.

What would be the best un-intrusive thing to do here?


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