A heart-wrenching story

If after seeing the clip you tell me you are not affected by the story and you are not shaken by it I would be surprised.  A careless act can cause untold miseries. This is a very telling reminder to all of us. Please pass this video clip on to as many people as you possibly can. Let us alert as many people as possible to the danger of drink-driving.

The poor girl, who was once such a beautiful and vibrant girl, is now permanently disfigured, despite having to through hundreds of operation. What pain and suffering she has to go through just because someone was unthinking when he drank too much and drove. It must be hell for the parents, which parents would choose to go through such misery. My heart goes out to them. The young man who caused the accident is remorseful, but the harm had been done. A life has been ruined!

I do not drink, but to those who choose to drink, please bear in mind the message from this episode – “Don’t drive if you drink!”  I hope the young people will take heed of the message in this clip – hope they will think twice before they take a drink. Help prevent such happenings, pass this clip to as many people as possible, especially to the young members in our families.


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