You should try this

I never had the chance to sleep in an attic before till I spent time with my youngest daughter in her rented flat in Bristol. It is fun, I would recommend that you try it if you have the chance. It is quite an experience.

I get to climb up and down an aluminum ladder every day. Looking out the window I get to see the open sky and the displays performed by the sun, the clouds and the wind. Each change in the weather brings forth a new performance and what a lovely sight some of these natural performances can be. On some mornings when I decide to sleep on late, i get up with the sun literally ‘shining on my b**kside’.

I get to see the spires of the churches around here as they are the only tall buildings around. I also get to see the tree tops and the roof-tops with all the chimneys of the surrounding buildings.

Lying down on the mattress, I get to see the clouds floating by, the birds flying across my window and I also see the occasional helicopters flying by. 

When it rains, I get to see the displays now being performed by the rain-water. I can see rain-drops falling on the glass of my slanting windows and the beautiful patterns they made as they dribble down the glass.

At night, I get to see the stars and the twinkles some of them make. I can also enjoy the nice cool night breeze and the serene sight of a silent night. I enjoy the immense silence of the night as I look out the attic and also the sight of darkness that is dispelled by the street lights.

It is an experience I did not anticipate. What a pleasure. I appreciate the small pleasure this experience affords me. Try it if you get the chance.

Click onto ‘My Flickr Photos’ for the shots taken from the attic.


3 thoughts on “You should try this

  1. sansan says:

    can post some of the pictures u took from the attic.

  2. novice101 says:

    San, the photographs are posted. Give comments you see fitting. Thanks.

  3. sansan says:

    the link is not done properly perhaps? it dont seems to be able to be clicked.

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