This saying, how did it originate? (part 1)

We have all used phrases and sayings in our conversations and writings to spice up our language and to emphasize our meanings. Though fluent and exact in our usage we, in most cases, do not know their origins. I’ve come across a book that contains some common sayings and phrases and it provides their origins. I would like to share them with you, hope you will also enjoy them.


In Shakespeare’s days a girl wore her hair loose until she reached maidenhood and then she put up her hair – pinned it up tidily onto the top of her head. The only time she let her hair down was when she walked to Church on her wedding day. If she wore her hair down at any other time, she was a loose woman.

Next phrase will be -‘By Hook or by Crook’.

Source: ‘By Hook or by Crook’ – Tony Wootton & Gwen Zanzottera

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