Life is interesting!

1)   Daughter of a millionaire protesting against the might of China for powerless Tibetans. She and a few others unfurled a Tibetan flag and banner in front of the Olympic stadium in Beijing.  Her parents know of her passion and they support her in her action. How many of us would allow our children to carry out similar act let alone support them?

2)   A father, his two sons and a nephew are members of a gang who burgled £80million in their illegal activities. The elder has the gall to claim the right ‘to rob the rich’. But as it is said ‘crime does not pay’, the law finally caught up with them and the gang members will be serving 94 years in jail.

3)   A train commuter nearly lost her life for having the courage to ask two men to stop smoking on a station platform. She was pushed down onto the track and missed being electrocuted by a 750-volt rail track. But she suffered a broken wrist and bruising. Rowdy behavior seems to be present in every society.

4)   A couple born next to each other in the same hospital 22 years ago are getting married this Saturday. They found out their amazing connection only when their mothers started talking about their births. What do you call this – fate – or destiny? Wish them luck.

Life is really interesting, it takes all sorts to make up the world.

Come visit again. Thank you.

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