What else will they think of next?

Gamblers now betting on eggs – as reported in the ‘Metro’ on 24 Wednesday, 2008

Gamblers now betting on eggs hatching

For some gamblers, almost anything can provide an opportunity for a flutter – but betting on when eggs will hatch is a bit much.

Eggycam, a live video feed showing ten eggs in an incubator, is a new internet craze aimed at raising money for charity.

 ‘It’s a bit of fun and bets are not at the mercy of bad weather or human error,’ said Ken Robertson from Paddy Power, which is taking the bets.

‘Punters simply put their money down and let nature take its course.’

So far, about 100 bets are being waged each hour and the chicks are expected to hatch in about two weeks.

Since the eggs were laid last week, thousands have watched their early days online. When they hatch, the chicks will live out their days in free-range surroundings.

All the profits will be donated to Down Syndrome Ireland.

‘It’s like the new Big Brother, only this has real living things,’ added Mr Robertson.

‘Hopefully punters will have a cracking win.’

Let us see who is the winner, the punters or mother nature. Good luck to the the organisers who are raising fund for the Down Syndrome Ireland. Sure it is an innovative way to raise fund. What innovative ways have you come across?



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