It’s an Abuse that costs RM160Billion

The British government says alcohol abuse is costing the nation £25billion (RM160billion) a year. Of this £2.7biilion (RM18billion) goes to National Health Services, £15billion (RM95billion) goes to crime costs and loss in productivity takes up the remaining £7.3billion (RM47billion).

It now orders pubs, bars and clubs to help stop drinking sprees. It intends to bring laws to outlaw happy hours and large measures unless the licensed pubs and clubs self-regulate themselves. British Health minister said that around a quarter of the drinking population drink to a ‘harmful level’, as such the drinks industry needs to give them help and information needed to drink at a safer level.

It is sure a colossal amount of money which is not put into very productive use. Wonder what is the situation like in Malaysia? Saw a cartoon by ‘Brook’, he drew a sign place on a bar table that reads – “Liver and Kidney Failure Hour” and the bartender asking the customer – “What’ll it be…?”  It is an accurate interpretation of the happy hour, don’t you agree?


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