Talking about sex at 11 can reduce teenage pregnancies???

Should parents talk to their children as young as 11 about sex informally and often if they want them to delay sexual experiences and take fewer risks? The answer is ‘Yes’, according to the British Government!

This report which form the basis of a national campaign also identified that the ages from 11 to 14 as the essential time for parents to talk about sex and relationships with their children. It says once a teenager turns 15 there is little chance that what parents say will have any impact.

Malaysian parents, what are your opinions? Will you be comfortable bringing up this sensitive topic with your young daughters and sons? Who will likely take on the responsibility – the father or the mother- in the Malaysian context? Do you think sex education should be taught at school? If so, at what level – at primary school level or at secondary school level and who should be teaching it – male or female teachers? Or do you think our Asian culture view such issue differently? If so, what are the differences?  Or should it be swept under the carpet and let things take it due course?

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