To detox or not to detox?

Dawn Page

Dawn Page

£800,000 High Court settlement for detox dieter left epileptic

In a British High Court settlement Dawn Page was awarded £800,000 for not longer able to speak properly or work and needing medication for the rest of her life. Dawn is now a slimmer left brain-damaged and epileptic. All this came about because Dawn went on a detox diet!

It was revealed Dawn Page was advised to drink an extra four pints of water a day and reduce her salt intake while following the Amazing Hydration Diet.

The court was told that when the 52-year-old started vomiting uncontrollably, she was told it was all ‘part of the detoxification process’ by the nutritionist who recommended her the detox diet.

But the mother of two suffered a massive seizure brought on by severe sodium deficiency less than a week after starting the diet.

Her husband Geoff said it has been like losing somebody, but not losing somebody. He said his wife was a very bubbly person but she is nowhere near that now. ‘Everything’s so difficult for her now. She can’t relate to what’s going on,’ added Mr Page, from Faringdon, Wiltshire.

Mrs Page fell ill days after starting the diet in 2001 but the nutritionist  – who denied all liability in the High Court settlement – told her to drink even more water and the dieter suffered a severe epileptic fit.

A dietitian Catherine Collins warned that anyone can set up as a nutritionist. She added : ‘If you pick a nutritionist out of the Yellow Pages you’re playing Russian roulette with your health.

Many detox diets are being pushed very vigorously in Malaysia now, and as many Malaysians are becoming more health-conscious, the diets are gaining popularity amongst the middle-class and the rich. This piece of news come at a very appropriate time for Malaysians, hope they will apply caution when thinking of going onto such diets. Best is to consult your own doctors or a qualified dietitian.

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