This is serendipity!

Traffic deaths fall as gas prices climb

It was reported by MARK WILLIAMS, (AP Business Writer) that rising prices at the gas pump appear to be having at least one positive effect: Traffic deaths around the US are plummeting, just as they did during the Arab oil embargo three decades ago.

The researchers with the National Safety Council reported a 9 percent drop in motor vehicle deaths overall through May compared with the first five months of 2007, including a drop of 18 percent in March and 14 percent in April.

Preliminary figures obtained by The Associated Press show that some American states have reported declines of 20 percent or more. Thirty-one states there have seen declines of at least 10 percent, and eight states have reported an increase, according to the council.

No one can say definitively why road fatalities are falling, but the good news is it is happening as Americans cut back sharply on driving because of record-high gas prices.

One motorist commented that fewer people on the road means fewer fatalities, and that he reckoned is a good thing coming out of this crisis. He said he also noticed that many motorists are going slower.

This was backed up by a federal government report which showed that in April miles traveled fell 1.8 percent in April compared with a year earlier, continuing a trend that began in November.

Experts concur, saying a slumping economy and fuel prices have brought down the number of road fatalities in a hurry.

But the states also cite other factors such as police stepping up their pursuit of speeders and drunken drivers, as well as better teen-licensing programs, safer vehicles and winter weather that kept many drivers at home. The Governors Highway Safety Association also says seat belt use is probably at record levels and will top 90 percent in several states when figures are released later this year.

This is certainly what serendipity is all about, bringing about its good and positive result which is unplanned, unexpected and not specifically asked for. Do any of you good people have any serendipitous experiences you care to share. I will be most grateful if you could share them in this blog as i am compiling a list for all who care to know how good fortunes can and do unexpectedly fall into our laps. Hope to hear from you, thanks.

Come visit again, thank you.


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