Ice-cream van jingles causing noise pollution?

This must be what the Worcester City Council is thinking otherwise why it is passing a law to order the jingles to be cut down to four seconds?

It further wants to prohibit the vans from making any noise outside places of worship, schools during lessons and in narrow or restricted places. The ice-cream van sellers were angry, they disliked this being  added to their other woe (facing competition from the supermarkets).

One further restriction on these vans is that in other areas, the chimes cannot exceed the 80 decibels mark from 7.5m (25ft) away.

The Worcester City Council drew up the ‘draconian list of dos and don’ts’ after receiving complaints about the racket some of these vans were making.

An administrator of the Council said that it was not the intention to put anyone out of business, it’s purpose is to enable the licensing section to license everyone legitimately and carry out enforcement if needed.

It certainly looks like old ways are slowly been phased out in the name of progress. Children of the future would not identify the jingles with the ice-cream vans.

Many Asians would certainly be amused by this piece of legislation but in the West personal rights seem to predominate over many other things. To the Asians, the louder the better, in the West noise can land one in hot soup. There are many other sources of noise pollution in many Asian countries, so the ice-cream van jingles would certainly not be in the priority lists.

Oh yes, the administrators around the world seem to have the same mentality, they always have their own logic ready to justify their odd actions. What will the world be like without these wonderful people?

Come visit again, thank you.

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