Sacked because she worked too hard!

What are we suppose to do here? Are we to laugh or are we to sigh or are we to cry?! This story really occurred in the UK. It happened in Marshchapel Primary School in Lincolnshire where the headteacher was sacked. What was unusual about the sack was its cause – she was dismissed because she has worked too hard!!! Yes, you heard it right she was given the sack because she had put in more hours than had been required of her.

This was done  just 8 days before her retirement. She said she had worked 18 years as a teacher in the school and seven years as its headteacher and she did not want it to end like this. Who would thought it would have end up like this? The odd thing is  that the school has got only one other full-time teacher, thus Miss Venessa Aldridge “felt compelled” to work beyond her approved hours. Governors at the school told her she could return to her job provided she did not teach, stuck to her light duties and worked only school hours. A sympathetic parent said – “Its disgusting she had been treated this way”

Every parent teaches her children to work hard. We have always been told it pays to work hard, does it now??? Have we been told wrongly, has the society’s values changed this much? Or is there a basic difference in the Oriental values and the Occidental values? What should parents now be teaching the children? Is the Malaysian society heading in this direction already? Real confusing, is it not?

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