Online Buying – Can it catch on in Malaysia?

It is reported that in the UK,  online shopping in the first half of 2008 has shot up by more than a third compared with last year. Web purchases over the past six months has hit £26.5billion, trouncing the £19.2billion spent in the corresponding period last year. Just hear this – online sales now account for more than a sixth of retail shopping. This is according to the IMRG Capgemini Index.

Can this trend catch on in Malaysia? But before our Malaysian shopping retailers start jumping onto the bandwagon, it is best that they know the reasons for this success. Reasons given by  IMRG for this upward trend are – the economic crisis and the poor weather were pushing people to pick out bargains from the comfort of their homes.  The company says buys online will account for up to half of retail sales in the next five years. Clothing and footwear sales fell in shops but rose 32 per cent and 38 per cent respectively in online buys.

Malaysian weather is hot and Malaysians would rather get out of their homes and go to the shopping malls to enjoy the cooler air there. So, only one reason is valid, would it then  be feasible to jump onto the wagon now for our retailers? Has Malaysia have the IT-savvy population to support web retail buys? Do Malaysians still harbour the fear of using their cards for online buying? Would these reasons hold back the growth of this phenomenon in Malaysia? Do you personally hold the fear of disclosing your card details over the net? Do you fear being short-changed by buying through the net? What fears do you now have in buying through the net?

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