Using it to prolong life or to shorten life….

First story:

Doctors at St. George University of London carried out a research on cannabis which shows it could be used to treat many forms of cancer. It seems the drug contains an ingredient which slows tumour growth and prevents the reproduction of cancer cells. Its effects are seen in all cancers but particularly in those of the lung, and brain, and leukaemia. But scientists warned against smoking the drug, saying the only safe version was that created in the lab.

Previous research has shown cannabis-based medicines can help cancer patients as a painkiller, appetite stimulant and in reducing nausea. The drug has also long been used by multiple sclerosis and arthritis sufferers to reduce pain. Its medicinal benefits come from the main active ingredient, THC. The research by St. George University of London shows THC can weaken cancer cells to make traditional chemotherapy more effective. Research Dr.Liu Wai Man said: ‘It’s another weapon against the armour of cancer. We are quite close but need to jump through certain hoops’.  He believes the new drug could be used in two to three years time.

Second story:

A mentally ill man driven to violent frenzies by cannabis stabbed another man 100 times. This attacker had sexually assaulted a 83-year old lady 5 days earlier. And when he returned to attack her again her her neighbour came to intervene and for that he was stabbed to death. These frenzied episodes were triggered by cannabis.

There you have it, one same substance, in one instance when it is properly handed it saves lives. In another instance, when it is wrongly administered, it led to abuse and death. Everything depends on judgment and good judgments come when people possess wisdom. But how many people possess wisdom? How do we go about getting wisdom?

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